Every time a bell rings…

October 29, 2006 - 12:29 am 1 Comment

I took the kids to the mall today to pick up some kidclothes. The stores are setting up for Christmas and playing Christmas music and putting up trees and tinsel and the Santa displays. And it’s not even Halloween yet. Is it any wonder people get grouchy about the holiday season? Too much of a good thing, folks. Seriously.

Anyway, of note on the way to the car was the fact that we passed a gentleman and lady. The gentleman was an utter doppelganger for Jimmy Stewart. Same twinkle in his eye, snow white hair, well-dressed. I’m afraid I gawked. Quite a bit, actually. Then I smiled and nodded at him as we passed on the sidewalk.

I wonder if Jimmy Stewart had any younger brothers?

(Oh, and also, whoever passed gas on the escalator? Ewwwwwwww. I feel lucky the kids didn’t shout, “SOMEONE POOTED, MOMMY!” Because I saw them wrinkling their little noses from the stench.)

One Response to “Every time a bell rings…”

  1. Professorevil Says:

    Obviously, the amazingly talented person who dropped the bomb has read “The Alphabet of Manliness” and taken it to heart. Someone after my own fart. I mean Heart. Yeah. Heart.