Obsess much?

November 1, 2006 - 11:29 pm Comments Off on Obsess much?

So, spring registration opened tonight for seniors. At 9:00 PM on the dot, I was hitting “Refresh” like a madwoman to get into the system and into the classes I want to take. I had awful flashbacks of trying to register via phone for UT.

“Welcome to TEX, the telephone enrollment exchange for the University of Texas at Austin. TEX is currently scheduling classes for the…………


semester, nineteen……….


TEX would always tell me that the section I wanted was full. “This class was not added. The section you requested was full.” I hated TEX. TEX always ended his calls with, “Good-bye, and good luck.” Too bad he didn’t wish me luck before I tried to register.

So anyway, I was freaking out, sweating bullets, sure that I wouldn’t be able to make it into the classes that I want and need. Got in! Clicked madly! Entered course numbers and section numbers! Hit “Add”! Got into everything I wanted!

90 minutes later, I checked on those classes. They’re still, at most, 1/3 full. I think I might have been just a wee bit obsessive about the whole thing.

Also, on a plus note, I heard back from the head of my department, and one of my transfer credits will count for what looked to me to be a most odious course:

This course introduces students to the designs, uses, and limitation of communication research. Traditional statistical methods (e.g., correlations, t-tests, ANOVA) are covered as well as more recent, qualitative approaches (e.g., narrative, self-reflexive, auto/biography,) in order to provide students with a well-rounded insight into the various methodological perspectives that currently govern research in the field of communication. Students will collect and analyze data for a final research project.

Dodged a bullet on that one! The course description is so dry that just reading it makes me thirsty.

Cross fingers – after spring, if I get portfolio credit for what I’m aiming for, I’ll only have 15 hours to go.

Also, I’m sick and exceedingly grumpy. I’m sure my husband is hoping it turns into laryngitis so he doesn’t have to listen to me grouse anymore.

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