Another Hearthsong update

December 31, 2006 - 9:48 pm 1 Comment

Previous posts here and here about my problems with Hearthsong.

Turns out a friend of mine had the same problem with them this year – ordered toys for her child, they never came.

Yesterday a hand-addressed envelope came from Hearthsong. “This should be good,” sez hubby. Opening it revealed… (are you ready?)

A mailing label. Just so I could, you know, mail back my non-existent order to them. And a many-photocopied scrap of paper that said something like, “We’re sorry you have to return an item. Here’s your label. Etc.”

These people are too much, honestly. Still no refund, either.

One Response to “Another Hearthsong update”

  1. professorevil Says:

    You need to contest the charges ASAP with your card provider. 🙁 Uberlame.