My dog got run over by a whitetail

May 26, 2007 - 11:28 pm Comments Off on My dog got run over by a whitetail

The dog’s been sick lately and he’s on a bunch of meds that make him have to pee. A lot. All the time.

So tonight he went outside to do his business and he was rushed by an angry doe. She came up to him, about 4 feet away from where hub was standing, and snorted at him. Dog didn’t care; he had to pee. The doe got agitated and started kicking him. The dog came inside covered in muddy hoofprints. The big pussy didn’t even bark at her.

I went out just now to see if I could spot what she was protecting, and bedded down in the flowerbed in the front yard is a teeny tiny little doe, the size of a kitten. I bet there’s another one up there, too.

Freaked the dog out some – he’s a little jumpy now. Freaked the kids out, too – they kept telling daddy to shoot it for kicking the dog. My little bloodthirsty princesses.

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