It’s that time of year again

October 24, 2007 - 9:05 pm Comments Off on It’s that time of year again

The rut is in full swing for the Austin whitetail deer population, and nowhere is it more evident than in West Lake Hills. In the last week I’ve seen an 8 point buck in my front flowerbed, menacing me (and the puppy) through the front door window. Earlier today we saw a blonde woman jogging down the street, closely followed by a loping 6 pointer. I wonder just what sort of ‘tail’ he thought he was chasing. I wonder if she knew she was being menaced by a horny ungulate.

Be careful out there. The stupid lovesick bucks will cross roads in the middle of the day if they think they’re gonna get some. They’re especially dumb this time of year and somewhat territorial. Don’t be this guy. Or this one.

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