November 29, 2007 - 7:28 pm Comments Off on Tally

Some numbers:

2 – accounts hacked last week
? – number of days the cat box was broken while we were out of town, necessitating a game of “Piss and Seek)
2 – toilets clogged up the other morning
2 – children sick at the moment

In lighter news:

3 – feral hogs came home in the cooler
34 – pounds of meat from said hogs were boiling on the stove today
11.5 – pounds of usable meat in the fridge
10 – pounds of pork trimmings from the meat market yesterday
3 – quarts of lard rendered from said trimmings
lots – of yummy cracklins from the rendering process
9 – pounds of meat still needed for tamales
60 – dozen tamales to go (and maybe more)

Tamale recipe for kids playing along at home.

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