December 4, 2007 - 9:25 pm Comments Off on Classic

I got this telephone call tonight from Rep. Lamar Smith. He was having some virtual town hall meeting via telephone, and he called a couple hundred constituents from his district. If we wanted to ask a question, we could press zero. Mildly curious, I listened to the whole thing, which was pretty boring and featured the usual mighty trilogy of talking points (Middle East, health care, immigration) with very little in the way of answers.

The highlight of the call HAD to be the lady who was railing about immigration and said that we needed more border walls, because (I swear I am not making this up) the Chinese wall worked so well up until the point that Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Kruschev, tear down this wall!”

After Rep. Smith regained his composure (he giggled for quite a while) he explained that the Berlin wall was to keep people in, not keep people out.

Also, I couldn’t quite make out what Wayne’s Worldian word one guy said when he was talking about Rep. Smith’s kids and how it seemed like just yesterday that they were off to Camp Iwannabeaman(?). Caller, if you’re out there, what the hell were you saying?

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