The next step in Good Morning Tree Company’s evolution!

February 6, 2008 - 9:27 pm 2 Comments

Good Mourning Tree Co. (or Good Mourning Tree Co.) has evolved! Woohoo!

They have gone from littering my house to littering my blog!

Well hey, at least they’re not killing trees for the paper to advertise now. Hyuck hyuck.

I find it amusing that the name in the email address they used three times is the same name that’s in one of their recent favorable Citysearch reviews. Funny how a rash of happy customers started showing up there around October, after multiple one-star reviews previously (except for the guy who admitted he worked there and rated himself tops).

On a side note, if my house is ever vandalized or I get murdered in my sleep or something, please don’t forget about these posts.

2 Responses to “The next step in Good Morning Tree Company’s evolution!”

  1. Anonymous watcher Says:

    I’m sure any outstanding tree issues would be resolved satisfactorily if they were that stupid.

  2. SirQuady Says:

    Anonymous Watcher, what on earth do you mean? Do you mean to imply that “because they are so stupid, they must be able to resolve issues satisfactorily”?

    Because it looks like that is not so, judging by Addlepated has been talking about, and their shilling and such.