April 8, 2008 - 10:14 pm Comments Off on Honored

I was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda, the adult honor society, last weekend. Tonight I got an email congratulating me on being elected a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the communication honor society. I know that a faculty member had to have pulled some strings on my behalf since normally students from New College aren’t asked to be members of LPH.

Things left to do before I graduate:
– Put together my presentation for the school conference
– Revise my thesis (not really needed since I have an A on it already)
– Write a reflective summary for my Capstone course
– Put together my Capstone presentation
– One more short film review
– One more test

Oh, and there’s ironing my gown and figuring out how to wear a hood and honor cords. I asked my prof whether it’s bad form to wear more than one set of cords at graduation. She said “The gaudier the better.”

Invitations went out today. Note that they are NOT me secretly asking for presents. They’re just FYIs.

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