Epic drama!

June 20, 2008 - 2:39 pm 3 Comments

I’ve been spending a lot of time lurking on the DISboards while planning an upcoming trip to Disney World. Lurking, not posting much. Because it’s really rather crazy over there. There’s some good advice interspersed with massive flame wars (guaranteed hot spots: scooters and smoking). Threads can suddenly go south with no warning. And earlier today I was reading one over-dramatized “I have a secret” thread asking for support for some vague thing but you had to message the original poster to find out more information. Towards the end of the thread people mentioned that the original poster was no longer on the forum, so I did a little Googling to find out why. And I came across this blog post.

Now I’ve seen my share of board drama, but wow. 150 people banned in a week! That’s impressive. And I thought Chowhound’s thread zapping was bad.

So far I haven’t been able to locate a well-trafficked, informative Disney forum that’s not either filled with sweetness, light, and flamewars or filled with bile. Stupid Guest Tricks comes closest of the ones I’ve visited so far, but it’s mainly for Disney employees and some of the stuff posted over there might just spoil the magic (no, I don’t want to know where the cast members hook up, thanks).

It’ll be interesting to see if my account gets banned for making this blog post. 😉

3 Responses to “Epic drama!”

  1. CoffeeJedi Says:

    I have basically withdrawn from Disney fandom boards. WDWMagic just got too stupid. The people on them are…. god, i can’t even explain it. You have obnoxious aspergers-esque teenagers who don’t know how to have a discussion, overly cutsie “mommies”, guys who want to swing their wang around because they know exactly what Walt had for breakfast on November 1st 1962, and of course the fights between “real fans” who complain about every damn paint chip and “pollyannas” who think that every decision made by the company was handed down from on high. And everyone has the most fragile little egos, AND the distinct disability to understand the most glaringly obvious sarcasm. Its just painful.

  2. CoffeeJedi Says:

    Try the boards at Netcot… they seem to be a more grounded. The guy who runs the site is pretty cool.

  3. addlepated Says:

    Oh cool, so it’s not just me! Thanks for the suggestion. Right now I’m fulfilling my voyeuristic tendencies by reading the gossip on the unDIS, but as soon as my bile-o-meter fills up I’ll check out Netcot.