Conversations you don’t have in Austin

July 29, 2008 - 9:51 pm 3 Comments

Hub and I went to San Antonio this weekend to see The Dark Knight in Imax. It was my third time seeing it. Hell, I may go see it again. Because it’s just that good.

Anyway, the theater dude announced to the sold out theater to fill in all the seats, yadda yadda. He said that all cell phones needed to be turned off completely – not on vibrate or ringer off – and if they saw the light of a cell phone in the theater, they’d boot ya.

Guy behind us: Did he just say no cell phones on vibrate?
Hub: Yeah, if they see your phone out, they’ll kick you out.
Guy behind us: What is he, some kind of COMMIE FASCIST??
Guy’s friend: I bet he’s an Obama supporter!!

You just don’t have conversations like that in Travis County.

3 Responses to “Conversations you don’t have in Austin”

  1. professorevil Says:


    I am going to try and go again to the Imax next week perhaps some time. So maybe if you’re up for that…they’ll be some obamanos there, though. Careful.

  2. Pete Says:

    Hmm, Imax… this is relevant to my interests.

  3. addlepated Says:

    Looks like a love connection.