I love the internet

October 31, 2008 - 12:57 am Comments Off on I love the internet

There’s a scene in Robert Heinlein’s Friday where the protagonist is given free access to her employer’s computer network and she’s able to explore to her heart’s content. She wanders throughout the network, finding all sorts of information, feeding the curious Elephant’s Child inside of her, and ends up making mental connections with worldwide implications. Of course, the novel was written in 1982, far before the web, but hell – Heinlein was basically describing Google.

Here’s where my internet wanderings took me tonight. I saw a news story about Phil Spector’s trial being postponed. That led me to look up his Wall of Sound technique, which took me on some side excursions to echo chambers, Abbey Road Studios, and zebra crossings. But something about echo chambers made me remember the wonderful awful album I used to listen to as a kid, Music to Suffer By, by the incomparable Leona Anderson. I found from that page that she was an occasional guest on the Ernie Kovacs show, and of course I had to go watch some of his skits. Enjoy – here’s Percy Dovetonsils, the Tilted Room, and the Nairobi Trio.

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