Remodel, what?

February 1, 2009 - 1:22 am Comments Off on Remodel, what?

With absolutely no good reason, forethought, or plan, suddenly I found myself in the midst of a site overhaul this afternoon.  My husband says it looks like a lower back tattoo; I think it looks like the Rock Band graphics.  Well, the old one was getting a little tired and this one seems to load quicker, plus it’s sexier.  

I also moved my portfolio pages from static HTML over to the blog site (and now I’m sort of wishing that the entire website were under the loving care of WordPress and I hadn’t just quarantined it to the /blog directory back when I did the original install of Movable Type back in 2002). If you’re interested, there’s a write-up of one of my puzzles for Vroengard Academy with nifty yucko Dee graphic vs. slick professional artist graphic comparison.

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