Walgreens fail

July 20, 2010 - 12:55 am 1 Comment

Walgreens failed today, spectacularly.

First, I logged on to my web account to cancel an auto refill. I got this:

Right. That doesn’t work, does it? So I emailed customer service to let them know. Logged back into my account to see if there was another way to cancel my refill and found, to my horror, that some other woman’s prescriptions were displayed in my account along with my own! WTF! So I know what medical conditions she has. I was absolutely horrified. Was she seeing my stuff? I called Walgreens and they promised to look into it. Uh huh.

A little while later, I actually went into my local Walgreens to pick up greeting cards to send the kids at camp. The pharmacist was shouting into the drive-through phone, top of his lungs, “OKAY, THIS IS A NEW PRESCRIPTION FOR CONCERTA! HAVE YOU TAKEN THIS BEFORE? THIS IS FOR ADDH (sic), DID YOU KNOW THAT, ABOUT THE ADDH?” WTF!

And lastly, I had sent an email to customer service this morning about the auto refill issue. I got an answer back at 1 AM. Thanking me for my product suggestion. WTF!

One Response to “Walgreens fail”

  1. Merzmensch aka kosmopol Says:

    Oh, that’s weird, to login one day in whichever website (or social network) – and to see you have new identity, you haven’t known about before!