Spring Is In the Air

September 11, 2010 - 1:53 pm Comments Off on Spring Is In the Air

Spring Is In the Air

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Yet another shawl. In case you’re wondering why I’m making so many shawls, I have two answers for you. First is that here in Texas, we don’t get very many genuinely cold days, so shawls are perfect to wrap around your neck when it’s cool out. Second is that I’m participating in a 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge on the knitting site Ravelry — and this one is number eight!

This is my Spring Is In the Air, made from Wollmeise Twin in Petit Poison Nr. 5. I ran out of yarn twice on this shawl, which was a minor tragedy because this is German unicorn hair wool and very hard to come by. Happily, I found a kind Raveler who sent me a few extra grams of the same colorway she had – only to run out of yarn again 10 stitches away from binding off the entire shawl. I made use of my cast on tail and managed to bull through it all, only to realize that for whatever reason, the bind off was too tight and I couldn’t block out any points. I suppose I could have called this my Comedy of Errors shawl, but I did persevere and make a halfway decent garment.

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