Girl’s tie front bolero

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Girl’s tie front bolero

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I made this out of Wollmeise Twin in the Spice Market colorway.

This was a really, really miserably written pattern that I bought for $6 because both kids wanted a shrug made from it.

Imagine my horror when I downloaded the pattern and realized that it was knit in five separate pieces, all flat! Even the sleeves were knit flat and had instructions like, “Working 16 row pattern as given for 4th size of Back starting with 9th row of patt counting first and last inc sts as one st on inc rows worked on Back. Work 64 rows inc in st at each end of 9th and every foll 8th row, working inc sts in patt. 49 sts.”


Friends and neighbors, I pondered on those two sentences for two hours. An hour per sentence. And then, I said to myself, “Self? Why are we pondering on this? Let’s write our own sleeve pattern! We know what stitch count we need!”

And damned if I didn’t write my own sleeve pattern.

Bolstered by my success, I went on to adapt the body pattern to be knit flat so as to avoid having to seam up the sides. I’m currently working it this way on the second shrug. So far, so good. I have written up my extensive pattern notes on my

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