Weekly Tweets

January 9, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Daughter: "What's a catheter?" Me: "A tube that goes to your bladder." Daughter: "I do not want to learn any more." #yuckycatheterads #
  • Today's earworm: Peggy Lee. http://youtu.be/IeCWuN0dc5w #
  • Kids were still snoozing at 9:45. Hub went upstairs with a pot and spoon. Kids not amused. 6:45 will come pretty early tomorrow morning. #
  • So tempted to buy the Zombie BBQ sock yarn. What would I use it for? #
  • You all deserve spankings. #
  • Good: I finished all my Angry Birds levels! Bad: The next day I had to restore my phone and lost my saved progress. Auuuuuugh! #
  • Black Swan is a really screwed up movie. #
  • Audrey Hepburn's handwriting looked a lot like my grandmother's. I love lettersofnote.com. http://bit.ly/h6NrLu #
  • Skunk! #

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