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January 16, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Blurfquack. #
  • I was on Transmedia Talk this week with @zenfilms, @nickbraccia, and @toenolla talking about how we found transmedia: http://bit.ly/hAyedw #
  • All the whiskey. Allofit. #
  • Soup weather. Going to try to tackle my dad's Oyster Stew recipe – relying on 20 year old memories for cooking. Wish me luck! #
  • Be quiet, pickles. I'm ignoring your siren song. #
  • RT @redct: Apparently, Amy Winehouse sounds like a male motown singer when slowed down: http://soundcloud.com/smithers_mr/valerie-slow #
  • Larry Griswold, comedy diver: http://youtu.be/T89HO_qIMyo #
  • Fallout power armor motorcycle helmet: http://bit.ly/efQPS7 #
  • This site is frakking hilarious (thanks to @scott_walker) Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising – http://bit.ly/gnME4n #
  • Don't tell anyone, but I thought The Social Network was kinda boring (not to mention a hit piece on Zuckerberg). #
  • Still trying to figure out why Martha Stewart has a skull http://bit.ly/ht5u2O and a leg bone http://flic.kr/p/8LJ1bV in her kitchen. #
  • Am not getting the hang of Hipstamatic. #
  • This week's Transmedia Talk Podcast – Episode 15 http://bit.ly/hzcpSt #
  • Got a notice in the mail saying the billing address has changed. Doesn't say from who, just that their address changed. Thanks, helpful! #
  • Fire bad, tree pretty. #
  • Is nobody a Steelers fan? #

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