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January 23, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • "Michael" sounds funny if you say it a lot. Viz: The Lost Boys. http://bit.ly/goqZqw #
  • This can't be good – Baby Doc Duvalier is back in Haiti. http://reut.rs/dXgX5V #
  • Look skyward, moron! http://youtu.be/tSzeQ5P9bf8 #
  • Broke down and got the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. #
  • If you've sent me a 3 line email with a 25 line signature file, please reassess. #
  • My husband is trying to stage an intervention for my chili lime salt and pickle salt addiction. #
  • RT @FordFocus: Day 1 Challenges are live: http://bit.ly/hp9ael! Register to win a trip to the rally or a new Focus! #focusrally #
  • I bought some Perwoll so I can make EVERYTHING smell like Wollmeise. #
  • Goal for 2011Q1: Take down the Christmas tree. #
  • Spent the first part of the day eating salt. Now for some reason am quite thirsty. #
  • WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN http://bit.ly/hF14Im #
  • Does art have to be non-disposable? Styrofoam cup art: http://etsy.me/8V2jag #
  • This is a sad: the Poe Toaster was a no-show again this year – http://bit.ly/fcoGnp #
  • RT @FordFocus: Okay Focus Followers, we have a third day of Challenges for you bit.ly/hp9ael. Have you picked your drivers yet? #focusrally #
  • Kid asked for the weirdest name I knew. Without a doubt, the epic "Weldon Rumproast III" from the 1980s San Antonio phone book, #
  • How many times do I have to switch to new Twitter? Twice a day or something? #
  • My little bitty cat has been kicking my great big dog's ass all week. #
  • Murder by Death on TCM. Classic, excellent movie. #
  • I'm so tired today that I even had a dream I was tired last night. #
  • RT @dogtalemedia: Dave Szulborski's This is Not a Game now available for Kindle, Nook: http://amzn.to/epO4ES http://bit.ly/dPgN15 #

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