Weekly Tweets

July 3, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Can't stop thinking about the tart frozen yogurt with mochi topping I had earlier. #
  • Put the design doc down already. #
  • Am I the only one who thinks that The Onion is just sort of annoying? #don #039;thateme #
  • 10 myths about introverts (spookily accurate!): http://bit.ly/juKIPr #
  • Did True Blood just jump the shark? #15minutesin #
  • How can I go my whole life never knowing the word "demodex," and then seeing it twice in a week? #
  • My fortune said that a very attractive person has a message for me. So, who is it? #
  • I like signing contracts! #
  • Apparently the W Atlanta isn't the only W that has issues with windows falling out. http://bit.ly/lITCFc O.O #
  • Paramount sends a C&D to fan who created a 3D CAD file to make Super 8 cube: http://bit.ly/lpXovx #
  • Adam Savage as Gollum serenades Neil Gaiman and Minnesota Public Radio with "I Will Survive": http://youtu.be/X9eriClHWLw #
  • the bloody PRISONER? (if this is from a western, I'm jumping off a bridge) #
  • Haha, I suck. #
  • Here's the mail, it never fails… #
  • Pretty sure that @SteveMartinToGo is juggling kittens in my brain. Ouch. #
  • Canned responses for those special people in your internet stream. You know who they are: http://bit.ly/j78zjQ #
  • The weight plateau started when I started working out. Maybe I need more calories? #
  • How many people out there are lucky enough to be making a living doing something they love to do? #
  • It's… raining? Called hubby to ask if he washed the car. He was in the drive through car wash when I called. Hee! #
  • What is that peculiar funk that pervades Old Navy stores? It's like humanity doused in Windex. #
  • Realizing I needed to follow back a lot of people on Twitter. Also realizing I have an alarming amount of fictional followers. #
  • Oh, for those keeping score at home – Day 7 Poison Oak update: I got nothin;. #
  • The theoretical maximum opening Scrabble move is 128 points for "Muzjiks." What does "muzjiks" mean, anyway? #
  • When I was a kid, the school playground was full of kids making 6 Million Dollar Man sound effects. http://youtu.be/BAoH5E-5PeM #

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