Weekly Tweets

July 17, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • My coffee grinder broke. This is terrible. #
  • Good news: the coffee grinder is okay, it was a circuit breaker. Bad news: found out too late for the grinder http://lockerz.com/s/119018540 #
  • I don't care what those Oxford louts say, you will pry my serial comma from my cold, dead, and poorly punctuated hands. #
  • SXSW presentation finalized and sent. *gulp* #
  • In the battle of the food devil vs. the food angel on my shoulders, the food angel has been winning an awful lot lately. #
  • Garbanzo beans can explode. Who knew? #
  • I don't watch any of these shows. OMG, am I a man? http://bit.ly/nSk81S #
  • India Business Blog talks ARGs and World Without Oil: http://bit.ly/olCeTm CC:@writerguygames #transmedia #
  • Where is mah book??? #adwd #kindle #
  • Music video, or shot for shot remake of The Prisoner's opening sequence? Both! http://bit.ly/oNpSMH #
  • The swank doctor offices have Garden and Gun magazine. #
  • Blood donation: accomplished. #
  • I have a cat who likes taking pills so much that he comes running whenever he hears a pill bottle rattle. #
  • Great, possible rolling blackouts- RT @statesman: Energy conservation urged for this afternoon: http://bit.ly/o5bbYQ #
  • Adam Richman there is no ñ in "habanero" please learn this ASAP my head assplode gyaaaaaargh! #
  • Putting chili pequins, jalapeños, habaneros, and serranos from the garden into the salsa. The ghost peppers aren't ripe yet. #
  • Secret cat administrator mode: http://youtu.be/T9TmmF79Rw0 #
  • Cracked names Blair Witch a "classic that seemed like a terrible idea at the time": http://bit.ly/mRQ6gu @mikemonello #
  • Spent hours collecting, washing, and folding old kid clothes for resale. They took four items and offered me $13. #wasteoftime #
  • Kitten vs. apples (the soundtrack is the real winner): http://youtu.be/8-1F-CokXNU #

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