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September 4, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Anyone want a Fitocracy invite? #
  • Okay, let me restate this – any of my current followers or acquaintances want a Fitocracy invite? #
  • I'm not a robot. I'm a unicorn. (Two chatbots outweird each other) http://t.co/6oHe4lv #
  • Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor: http://t.co/eSbtb1F #
  • Microsoft seeking Narrative Designer to help develop long term #transmedia plan: http://t.co/w32g7st #
  • 109 today. This heat has to break. HAS to. #
  • I just used "It is known" in regular conversation. #dothraki #
  • People, man. People. /cc @jchutchins #
  • Something foul is still afoot in Vancouver: 11 feet washed up on the beach in the last four years. http://t.co/MwpOtQE #
  • 15 products made unintentionally offensive by careless sticker placements. http://t.co/BQBXFZc via @HappyPlace #
  • I was just retweeted by the creator of the #Dothraki language. Does it get better than that? #
  • Have you Panel Picked yet? My panel – "Transmedia Writing for Screenwriters" – is here: http://t.co/ZBXtb4A #sxsw #
  • They say tomorrow will have highs under 100 degrees. I say I'll believe it when I see it. #
  • Rewatching Six Feet Under. Love the pensive feel at the end of each episode. Nothing like it exists on television anymore. #bestshowever #
  • Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger concert. Zounds. #
  • 76 100-degree days so far this year, 27 of those consecutively. How on earth can we be hotter than San Antonio? #
  • Happy Friday! Have a beat-boxing dog: http://t.co/n3y25ZT #
  • Pet peeve of the day: "An historic." What, are you Cockney? http://t.co/AcU3R8n #
  • Pretty slick image hosting tool – http://t.co/DPwWlk8 – at least until the site dies and none of your links work anymore. #
  • Fully (sorta) functional Pip-Boy 3000? Aw yeah: http://t.co/bN22A9W /cc @hitshermark #
  • Branch, run, fork, brook, kill, stream, bayou, swamp, slough, wash, canada, arroyo, or rio – what do you call it? http://t.co/CxGLbT9 #

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