Weekly Tweets

January 8, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • I was trying to call a coyote and got something else entirely: http://t.co/J52pDsZM #
  • They ought to rename the Clementine fruit the Crackentine. #
  • English pronunciation: http://t.co/0v5nz7zp #
  • The @TCloudSubs by our house always plays the Grateful Dead outside. Tonight they played the Albany, NY 3/28/93 w/an amazing So Many Roads. #
  • Three major Skyrim quests are broken for me: Thieves Guild, Companions, and Stones of Barenziah. Augh! #
  • Someone please explain to me how in the hell this is making division easier for kids. http://t.co/Hp5cXsKV #everydaymath #
  • The Raven, a film about Edgar Allan Poe: http://t.co/4t22P4uc – Looks v. promising! #
  • Been reading about the Stephen Colbert #transmedia project. http://t.co/r6TlOsEy #
  • If a seller sent me the wrong thing, am I unreasonable in asking for $ to ship it back for a refund? Will Paypal think I am unreasonable? #
  • I am proud to say that I literally have rocks in my head, so take that! #
  • If you get migraines, 1000 mg of Aspirin might be your new best friend: http://t.co/8ES61CO1 (I was dubious, but holy cow, it worked!) #

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