Weekly Tweets

January 15, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • The Old Family Eggnog Recipe – in which I divulge a secret my family has closely guarded for 50+ years: http://t.co/nCyv1pw9 #
  • If my father were still around, that Steelers game would have done him in. #
  • I grow weary of people who think that "weary" means "wary." #
  • Sure, you've seen the Macho Man Mod, but have you seen the Trololo Trolls? http://t.co/YdoJBhcu #skyrim #
  • What's with the @kickstarter Year in Review email that I didn't sign up for and can't unsubscribe from? Only signed up for project updates! #
  • Q: What did Voldemort's mom say to Voldemort? A: "Got your nose!" #
  • The Austin killer was spotted 4 blocks from one of my old apartments and killed someone 3 blocks from another place I lived. Scary. #
  • My first concert ticket stub unearthed: http://t.co/rdcTT2OJ #
  • What day is this? What city is this? I'm all turned around. #
  • Yes Paypal, I think that paying $20 to return this crappy $16 item is a grand idea. Or I could just take a hammer to it and send you video. #

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