What dreams may come

September 29, 2002 - 6:40 pm 3 Comments

Last night I had a dream that my doctor said I have advanced liver cancer and I had to have chemotherapy. I had to have tearful phone conversations with my family telling them what was up, I had to update my will and make sure the kids were going to be taken care of. The hospital gave me a booklet on the hospital chemo services and what to expect. They provided a medical jar looking thing for me to throw up in if I got sick while I had the IV in, but I forgot it so I took in an empty peanut butter jar. Someone else in the chemo room had forgotten his medical jar as well and had brought a childrens’ sand pail, yellow with a red flowery handle.

I was not sick during the treatment but they said I probably would be next time. As I was changing clothes and packing my things to go, the phone rang in the chemo room for me. It was the doctor, who told me that he had misread all my liver enzyme numbers and I didn’t really have cancer after all. He laughed all through the conversation because he thought it was hilarious that he would make such a mistake.

Hub took me back to the hotel room where we were staying, somewhere on the gulf coast, and I watched out of the window as the tide came in. We were staying on the third story and the water was getting up to just a few feet under our balcony because of a hurricane. Then we saw on the news that an aircraft carrier had been hijacked and steered into a nuclear reactor and it had exploded.

Then I took a nap this afternoon to try to fend off the migraine headache that’s been plaguing me since yesterday morning, and I had a dream that my city was under attack by aliens, which were buglike, a cross between Alien and Starship Troopers (the book, not the travesty of a movie) and Ender’s Game. Since I had read the books and seen the movie, I knew that our infestation was just an advance front, that there was a queen alien in the most central, dark place in the complex (it was a huge museum or something) and she was laying eggs. We needed to kill her before dark because the power was out. Nobody would believe me that I knew where she was and I was the only one who knew how to shoot a gun. I wanted to go take her out, but on the way I had to stop at a friend’s house and give subcutaneous fluids to her sick cat. They didn’t have a clean needle so I refused to do it.

I woke up before saving the earth. I hate it when that happens.

3 Responses to “What dreams may come”

  1. JenBen Says:

    Girl, what drugs are you on, ’cause I wanna avoid them at all costs!

  2. Addlepated Says:

    It’s the children. You don’t need mind-altering drugs when you have children.

  3. JenBen Says:

    ah! got none of those so I’m safe 😉