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January 29, 2003 - 2:57 am 4 Comments

“The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” Flying a flag upside-down is a signal for any passing military member to come and help. All the dolts who think they’re cool by flying their U.S. flags upside down are actually undermining their own damned cause.

I don’t think that the sentiment of “Fuck Bush” represents extreme danger to Everlasting Blort’s life or property.

Life’s too short to link to nimrods.

4 Responses to “Link removed”

  1. The Shrub Says:

    Any dolt who confuses the upside-down flag in my neighbor’s flower-pot (or any other anti-war demonstration) with a flag flying over a ship in a storm, a snowed in cabin in the mountains, or a 911-call… needs a slap upside the head to get the gears to mash again.

  2. Addlepated Says:

    It cheapens the symbol. It’s the boy who cried wolf. Like I said in my next post, how many times do you bother to pay attention to the windshield cardboards that say “Need help, call police”?

    Burn the flag, use a peace sign, wear a “No blood for oil” shirt, just quit co-opting legitimate symbols of immediate distress. There are other ways to protest that may not have a potential harmful effect in the future.

    How do you know that the snowed-in cabin’s residents aren’t just protesting the war? You don’t, anymore.

    P.S. If your gears are “mashed”, you’ve got problems.

  3. The Shrub Says:

    It’s not the first nor a very relevant symbol
    (if it is to you, you need to reflect on the relevance of such symbols in this day and age).

    It’s also not “a boy who cried wolf” (silly analogies like that get you what they are worth)

    It’s also not a cardboard sign “Need Help”…

    …and who are you to sit in judgement over how much distress someone feels over the fact that one’s out-of-control religious first lunatic got a free pass to start who-knows-what-kind-of-war-it-will-turn-into?

    I try to calm’em down, too, but talk to some of them and, just maybe, you’ll realize that they have as valid a reason for their concern and feeling called upon to try to rescue the world as that silly man tells us is his concern. Just to avoid any confusions, I knew (and said so) that people like Saddam Hussein and Norriega were “bad news” (primarily for their own country and people) when his daddy was still sending them a monthly pay-check (and I travelled on business in their neck of the woods)…

    What do you know about the world (other than the Texas Backwoods and Bible Belt)?

  4. Addlepated Says:

    Ad hominem attacks? I think it’s funny that you’re bitching about my only knowing Texas backwoods when you’re posting from

    Anyway, tell people back around October 2001 how irrelevant a symbol the upside down flag is when there was that huge flap about the poster for The Last Castle because it had the upside down flag. The criticism of the misuse of the symbol came from both sides of the political fence.

    And for crying out loud, I’m not judging ANYONE’s amount of distress. You should read more of my blog. I’m very non-judgemental. I’m sorry that you feel you need to attack me on the basis of one post, but I hope that you will comment here again because you do bring a nice intelligent counterpoint-of-view (unlike some of the other cretins who come here and spew nonsense). I’d appreciate it if we could keep this on a non-personal level. No sense debating if it’s going to degrade to name calling and schoolyard insults.

    I just hate to see symbols turned into something they weren’t meant to be. I’m hope you’re not going to jump all over this too, but one thing that really bothers me is that the swastika, once a symbol of good luck, turned into a symbol of fear and loathing. No, I’m not saying that war protesters are Nazis. I am making an analogy.