Boob tube

June 10, 2003 - 2:49 am 4 Comments

We have an 18 month old and a 3 year old, so it’s pretty much a given that we watch Noggin all day long. My kids watch entirely too much television, and they eat crappy food. Yes, I feel guilty, but there’s only so much you can do, right? Right??

Anyway, there’s this show on Noggin called Oswald about a giant octopus. Oswald is voiced by Fred Savage, former Wonder Years star (his friend, the dog, is named Weenie which I find unaccountably funny and insist on calling it “Winnie”). His penguin friend is voiced by David L. Lander, formerly known as Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley.

Then we’ve got Clifford the Big Red Dog, starring John Ritter. Neil Morrissey (Bob the Builder) from Men Behaving Badly. Is this where old TV stars are put out to pasture?

By the way, there’s something that’s always bothered me about Pulp Fiction. At the end, when Jules is reciting the verse from Ezekiel to Ringo… how did Vincent know not to open fire?

4 Responses to “Boob tube”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    The power of God stayed his hand?

  2. michigan Says:

    don’t forget that both george carlin and ringo starr did thomas the tank engine, and alec baldwin appeared in the movie.

    i think that vincent and jules were just so on the same wavelength that vincent knew what jules was thinking. but of course ezekiel 25:17 doesn’t really say anything close to what jules says it does, except for the vengeance part.

  3. michigan Says:

    i don’t know if the girls have seen that short narrated by sandra bernhard, the grumpy bug, but it is SO CUTE. it’s online, too, along with the ones narrated by spike lee (ugh), whoopi goldberg (unbelievably cute), and kathy najimy.

    yeah, d. and i enjoy these a little too much. 😛

  4. c lo Says:

    also, Kel Mitchel from Nickelodeons “Keenan and Kel” as well as the kid flick “Good Burger” is the voice of T Bone on Clifford.

    Heres the question…how long has JJ The Jet Plane been on? Because someone just told me that the woman who did most of the voices killed herself years ago….*shudder*

    I agree….Vince and Jules had a good vibe going….Vince was deeper than he seemed…in touch spiritually and all….so he just knew.