Scenes from a drive

August 31, 2003 - 3:08 am 1 Comment

Scenes from a 3 hour car ride that’s been extended into 4 hours by various and sundry silly things. Conversation includes Mommy, Caroline (2), and Jo (almost 4 and renowned for her ability to translate for Caroline).

Caroline: Aaaaaa! The sun! The sun!
Mommy: Put your blanket over your head and hide from it.
Caroline: Fix the sun!
Mommy: I can’t, but I can fix you.
Caroline: The sun in your eyes too, Mommy?
Mommy: Well it was, but it’s gone now.
Caroline: That’s your sun. It’s coming back.
Mommy: I don’t have a sun.
Caroline: No, your sun out there, it coming back to you.
Jo: She means that a sun is coming to you.
Mommy: Yeah, that’s what they told the Virgin Mary too and look where it got her.
Caroline: I pooted.

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  1. Rune Says:

    Oh come now, what kind of attitude is that? 😉