My dream was…

September 12, 2003 - 6:08 pm 4 Comments

While we were at the ranch, the gas station on the horizon let out a bunch of little mushroom clouds. As that distracted my attention, a 737 taxied up to the ranch house. It said “Panama” on in, but I knew that was a Hawaiian airline. The pilot set up the plane like a pop-up camper and went to the neighbor’s house to pick up an invisible quilt. Intrigued, I followed him over there. The woman wasn’t home, and as the pilot made disparaging comments about her quilt, the radio in the background played “Another Drip in the Mole”, which was almost but not quite like Pink Floyd.

4 Responses to “My dream was…”

  1. JenBen Says:

    Nothing to do with your dream. here’s a web site for you next time you find a creepy crawly (and where are those Max pics?):

  2. Jo Says:

    Found your site through badgerbag, so I added you to my links! Seem like a kindred soul. I have two kids too.

  3. Pie Says:

    Whoah. I want some of whatever you had before you went to bed 😉

  4. Camilo Says:

    That sounds as if you were going to tell the life of a drug trafficker!