A weighty question

September 24, 2003 - 1:41 am 4 Comments

Is anyone surprised that the Western world is obsessed with weight issues?

4 Responses to “A weighty question”

  1. Brian Says:

    Yuck! Must erase memory. Where’s the beer?

  2. Raspil Says:

    Anyone who thinks that looking like you’re straight out of the concentration camp is sexy is insane.

  3. Minnie Says:

    a tad too skinny me thinks

  4. Rune Says:

    What is it about women desiring to be insubstantial, because that is, at the root, what being skinny is about? We may call it “beauty,” but it suggests to me an expression of tenuousness — not wanting to take up too much space, move too much air, consume too many resources. Yuk. Granted, I’m uhealthily overweight, but I wrestled with bulimic behavior in high school, and that’s I learned about myself. That, and about the issue of control through food. Life unmanageable? Binge and starve in a highfuly structured manner to restore a sense of power. Yay!