Anybody home?

September 30, 2003 - 3:58 am Comments Off on Anybody home?

We have been out of town more often than not for the past couple of weeks. Last weekend and the weekend before we went to the ranch. Dove hunting season opened up, so we went out ready and willing to take a ton of birds, but since neither one of us has hunted doves in a few years, we ended up killing far more ammo than birdies. Cuervo was very excited to be out retrieving again. Kona, it turns out, is gunshy. We’re going to have to acclimate her to loud noises. Funnily enough she really doesn’t seem to care for fully automatic gunfire. Can’t imagine why.

Today we went out to see my aunt and uncle’s new ranch in the hill country. What a beautiful view… I can’t even begin to describe it. Up on top of a hill is a view that stretches for at least 20 miles (you can see the town in the distance), and has a perfect shot of the sun setting in the saddle of two tall hills. Ojal√° que I had a camera. There’s also a mysterious cave in the ground, with the half-moon opening too small to accept my bloated body. Shining a flashlight in there shows some stalactites and stalagmites, though.

The weather today was outrageous. High around 82, clear and dry. This is my very favorite kind of weather. The leaves are starting to turn a little yellow; a reminder of death and birth and life all wrapped up in the subtle change of a tint.

While we were 2.5 hours away from home tonight, my cell rang – the alarm company, calling to tell me that the alarm went off at the house and police were on the way. They called back 30 minutes later to say that they think the dog set it off. Turns out a cat was locked in the kitchen and knocked a cooking pot off the counter.

I’ve got to get on the ball regarding the JournalCon! Things have been so hectic that I haven’t really had a chance to do much of anything. Including update my blog. Sorry.

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