OS Rant

December 27, 2004 - 3:43 am Comments Off on OS Rant

I’ve been using a Macintosh since 1985. I buy a new one about every 3 years. It’s an informed decision. All of my software is on the Mac OS. I don’t want to change platforms. It’s what I’ve been using for damn near 20 years, I’m comfortable with it, I’m good at it, and I like it. For some reason I get a nasty comment at least weekly from someone about my choice in computers; more often if I tell someone new what I use. Do I denigrate their machines? No. Do I take random potshots about their cars, clothing, grocery habits, music preferences? No. I try not to pick on anyone like that. In return I have to deal with the stupid (and these days usually uninformed) comments about my computer. Friends, family members, people off the street – they all seem to think that I am fair game to dole out a ration of shit to simply because they think their OS is superior to mine.

Are they more expensive? Yes. But I can afford it, and it’s what I want to buy. Do you pick on someone who drives a Mercedes because he could have driven a Honda instead? Probably not. So back off. There are several hundred reasons why I like my computer and prefer it over my Windows machine (I have one of those) and Linux machine (I have one of those too).

De gustibus non disputandum est. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. To each his own. There are so many cliched phrases to cover the situation. Here’s a non-cliched phrase – if you don’t want me acting like a snob about your shit, don’t act like a snob about mine. It’s hurtful.

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