So proud of myself

January 10, 2005 - 3:06 am Comments Off on So proud of myself

Hub and I have a week in May in which it is his birthday, my birthday, and our wedding anniversary. We’ve gone to New Orleans a couple of times for our annual vacation during this week. We’re going to go back again this year. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about area hotels and the Maison Orleans sounded really nice. It’s actually the club level of the Ritz Carlton; the rooms are 450 square feet (bigger than my first apartment!) and they serve 5 light meals a day in the club lounge, 24 hour room service, a menu of different bathtub goodies, etc. At $479/night, which is the best I could find it for, it was completely out of the running. That was the best rate I could find anywhere online. I decided to call them to find out if they had any discounts. The worst they could do was say no, right? So I asked if I could get a better rate. First she offered me $389/night. I said I’d have to think about it. Then I asked if I was calling too early to get any seasonal discounts. She said she’d check again, saying she felt a little like Harry Potter, trying to coax magic out of the computer. Look, a better rate – $335/night. That was interesting, but I was still hoping for better. She said to wait, she had one other thing she could check. Then gasped. “Can you believe this?” she said. $195/night. Sold!

Nothing, but NOTHING, tickles me better than getting a really good deal. And all I had to do was ask nicely. I’m still gloating, hours later. I think I’m going to have to book a spa day for my birthday.

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