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Coolest. Site. Ever.

January 26, 2004 - 6:02 pm 1 Comment

This is quite possibly the best timewaster I have ever seen.

Shout outs to the puppet dancer(try settings 16, 10, 2), the sound sequencer, the bug, the letter project, webnoise, how to dance properly, and on and on. Too many good links to catalog them all. Go see!

Cat update

January 20, 2004 - 3:27 pm 3 Comments

Amazingly enough, Maddie is looking 100% better. She’s gaining weight and eating on her own again. The vet thinks it might have been a bad reaction to the thyroid medication. I tell you what, that cat was just about to die in my lap last Wednesday. Today she’s eating, purring, talking, bonking me with her head. Outstanding!

Yet another cat crisis

January 15, 2004 - 7:59 pm 1 Comment

You may remember when I talked about my cat Zeke, whom I inherited from my grandmother a few years ago and died from acute kidney failure.

Or when I talked about losing Gus late last January, after a long bout of illness.

Or even back in July when I mentioned losing Lilly, and I mentioned that I was concerned that Maddie wouldn’t get over losing all her friends so close together.

Saturday morning I woke up to see that Maddie was crouched in the meatloaf position. She’s gotten terribly skinny lately, down to 4 pounds from her fighting weight of 8. I’ve been giving her medication for hyperthyroidism for the past few months, but it hasn’t seemed to stop the weight loss.

Blood tests showed kidney failure. Cat number four in the same number of years. She stayed at the vet on an IV until yesterday. She did not eat. They syringe-fed her, and she vomited it back up. She urinated on herself. The vet does not have much hope for her. X-rays show a large amount of kidney stones on both sides, which probably killed the kidneys. She came home yesterday to see if I could get her to eat in a more comfortable environment. I haven’t had much luck. A little chicken broth, some more syringe-fed food. So far she has kept it down, but I’m concerned about prolonging a life that is painful. Max is very upset and can’t understand why his friend won’t play with him anymore. I told the children that Maddie may go to heaven to be with Gus and Lilly and they started crying. “I don’t want Maddie to go. I like Maddie!”

I like her, too.

Nigerians get less greedy?

January 13, 2004 - 3:20 pm 1 Comment

I am Buba Musa, Account officer of one of the Banks in Lagos. For
reason , which will come to light as you read on. I have a very urgent and
confidential business proposition for you, on December 6th 1999 an oil
consultant with the Nigerian National Corporation, Mr. Ahmed Youseff
Mustapha an Iraqi National, made a numbered time / fixed for 48 Calendar
months, valued US$12,725 in my branch. On maturity, we sent a routine
notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.

Twelve thousand dollars? Tschou.. the last one was for around $20 million.


January 9, 2004 - 7:55 pm 3 Comments

I had an MRI today for my knee, which has been bugging me since all the walking we did at Disneyworld. That was wild! They asked me what radio station I wanted to listen to and then gave me some of those air-powered headphones like they have on airplanes. Then I had to hold completely still for 20 minutes. Not much of a problem, since I fell asleep. Hope I didn’t snore too loud.

The dogs are driving me insane. Kona is horribly gun shy. She spent the week at the ranch and was totally precious and adorable. When we got home, she and Cuervo started their normal routine of barking at anything that moves within a one mile radius. I went out there yesterday to make them come inside and she refused to come. I spent 15 minutes outside with no shoes on in the cold chasing that frigging dog until she came in. She got kenneled for the rest of the evening. I don’t understand how she can be so good for a week, then so awful when she comes home. She needs to go to boot camp.

Cuervo keeps creeping up the stairs at night and sleeping on our bedroom floor. That’s all very well and good, except the animal snores louder than any normal human. I’ve had to shout at him several times a night to roll over. If I try locking him out with the gate at the top of the stairs, the cats don’t realize it’s closed and they slam into it, so it sounds like a gong going off every hour or so. *BLONG*

We shot a couple of deer and a hog at the ranch over New Year’s. I got one of the deer, but I shot it in the shoulder and the bullet totally pulverized both shoulders and ruined the meat. Hub got the other one in the neck, which was fine and didn’t ruin anything. Upon quartering the 180 lb hog and bringing it home to slice and freeze, we saw that the meat was rife with tumors. Seeing as how we have no desire to be on Fear Factor, we pitched it. What a waste.

If you are a single female in the Bay area and looking for some hot studly action, let me know and I will set you up with my mostly decent-like and very good looking friend who is horny.