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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-15

March 15, 2008 - 11:59 pm Comments Off on Twitter Updates for 2008-03-15
  • Finally convinced the hubby to get the HDTV. #
  • Dilemma: 95 degrees. Puppy in a car in the parking lot, some windows half down. Already a note under the wiper. What do you do? #
  • Well, next time I’ll know what to do… was too migrained-out today to do much more than make sure puppy was still drooling & leave a note. #
  • Loving Restaurant Jezebel. #
  • Boo for plantar fasciitis! #
  • Woo, setting up new TV! #
  • @vpisteve Oh, don’t be curmudgeonly. I thought it was good! #
  • @vpisteve Yeah, but look at the date on the (spoiler redacted). I think it was two kinds of misdirection, which is always better than one. #

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WWO wins!

March 10, 2008 - 9:03 pm 2 Comments

World Without Oil won the SXSW Web Award in the Activism category. There’s a pic on Wired with those of us who were at the conference on stage accepting the award. Many thanks to Ken, Jane, Cathy, Michelle, Marie, and Krystyn for helping make the world’s most awesome game – but especially to the players who made it easy and wonderful. 🙂

Our panel went very well, I think, and I’m grateful to Tony Walsh and Dan Hon for asking me to join them.

Can’t believe SXSWi is almost over already!

Panelist at SXSW

March 4, 2008 - 11:03 pm 2 Comments

I was asked to fill in as a panelist for SXSWi this weekend. The details about our panel aren’t online yet, but it will be about ARGs (of course). Tony Walsh and Dan Hon will also be on it.

We’ll be in one of the rooms on Saturday at 3:30. Come by if you’re there! And don’t forget to keep voting for World Without Oil in the People’s Choice awards. A nice article about Jane McGonigal and WWO in the Austin Chronicle this week, by the way.