Hearthsong update

December 26, 2006 - 7:22 pm 1 Comment

– My items were not delivered still.
– My promised $6.99 refund for expedited shipping was never issued.
– Hearthsong claims they’ll be shipping items out overnight today and tomorrow.
– I told them to hell with that, I wanted to cancel the remainder of my order and I want a refund for the entire $30 or so of shipping that they charged me.
– I never once got an apology, although “Clarence” told me several times, “No problem.” Wrong choice of words, buddy. There’s a big problem.

One Response to “Hearthsong update”

  1. tonna Says:

    Heartsong has lost my business forever and I will spread the word. I have ordered from them for a few years and never had an issue before. I received my xmas order the day after Christmas and also have not received my promised credit yet. My opinion is, no excuse, it’s not like xmas sneaked up on them and they weren’t prepared, IT COMES THE SAME DAY EVERY YEAR!!!!