West Lake Hills election madness

May 9, 2007 - 2:45 pm 2 Comments

I live in a little suburb of Austin that’s in the middle of a nasty, nasty election campaign for city council. On one side are the people who’ve been on the council for a while. On the other side are newcomers who want to see a change. We get daily junk in the mailbox from each side, denigrating the other, but this is really beyond the pale. I can’t figure out if this is on the level or whether it was sent by the opposing side. Neither scenario would surprise me.

The “Amy” referenced is Amy Simmons, of Amy’s Ice Cream fame. She lives a couple of blocks away.



2 Responses to “West Lake Hills election madness”

  1. WLH Resident on Red Bud Says:

    Good Morning, the day after the election….

    Are you hooked up on the Sewer? I ask because I am not, and through out the course of this election, I did not receive on flyer for any of the canidates… I am wondering if their attention had been mainly focussed on courting the voters that are on the sewer…

    Just curious….

  2. addlepated Says:

    Yes, we are hooked up (although I regret that decision – the septic was much cheaper!). We got stuff in the mail every day and at least three separate door-knock visits from various candidates.