August 26, 2007 - 6:30 pm Comments Off on TDIR

We’re back from Disney World, btw. It was exhausting, but fun. 11 nights on the road and in Orlando. I heart my Camelbak. Perhaps I’ll do a more detailed write-up; perhaps not. Won’t be today, anyway.

So, remember when I went all SQUEE about the movie adaptation of The Dark is Rising? Yeah, turns out, not so much. Bah. I have been reading Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series lately (on book two now) and enjoying the bejeebers out of it, though.

School starts tomorrow, for me and for the kiddos. I got into the “Lying and Deception” class that I’ve been wanting to take – the longer I’m at St. Ed’s, the more I’m noticing a sort of class division between the traditional college and New College, which (I’m extrapolating) is resulting in things like courses that my Portfolio prof thought I could place out of won’t count, and therefore I need to take more courses to graduate… and even though I was told that someone from the department would try to send me a note “just like I would send my traditional students,” that didn’t happen. Luckily I am aged and crafty and hit refresh a lot and have had tons of practice mashing buttons in Wootoffs.

Anyway, I had planned on taking one other prerequisite and my Capstone course (in which I produce a 20-30 page paper), then graduating this December, but due to the hoop-jumping, I think I’m going to drop Capstone and take it next semester along with something else in the Communication department. So hopefully I’ll graduate next May, which might be nice since it’s the larger ceremony then.

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