I looked up to

June 27, 2002 - 3:22 pm Comments Off on I looked up to

I looked up to the sky and saw a satellite that I had desperately been searching for. I knew it was the right one because it was shaped like a Tie Fighter. As I watched in horror, it crashed into several other satellites and dragged them out of orbit. Nobody else could see them, although thousands were looking. The old lady on the sidewalk thought she saw something, but wasn’t sure. I could see Venus and Jupiter but everyone else just saw blank sky.

And nobody believed me about the crash. I was reviled by the world for being a fear-monger. Depressed, I went to play Scrabble with an ex-boyfriend and a girl I went to school with. They were just awful to me, nasty, vicious, cruel. They wouldn’t even let me pick my own Scrabble letters.

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