Weekly Tweets

October 24, 2010 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • I kept expecting the Mad Men finale to have someone wake up from the dream sequence. WTF? #
  • Wow, I must have been off the Twitter grid for a while to have missed this: http://www.whatthefuckismytransmediastrategy.com/ #
  • Just saw a talking head equating "chattel slavery" with "credit card slavery." Wow. #
  • UPS, why must you forsake me so? #gimmefallout #
  • UPS has 16 minutes to get me Fallout New Vegas before I Hulk out. #
  • UPS man had until 7:00 pm to deliver Fallout New Vegas. He delivered it at 7:01 for S&G. #
  • What should greet me upon startup of Fallout New Vegas but the dulcet tones of Saul Frakking Tigh! *swoon* #
  • Sears hits it out of the park! Zombie shopping guide: http://bit.ly/9CSvXV #

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