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June 3, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • The Unabomber's Harvard alumni directory listing: http://t.co/7LcQegne #
  • Unpublished Life Magazine photos of nuclear testing in 1955. Get your Fallout on! http://t.co/iCfzwuJZ #
  • Scorpion in the girl's bedroom. Now she's convinced they're infesting her bed. #
  • Reading Wicked was like being struck with a fit of sneezes where you go "Ah, ah, ah…" but never manage to get out the "CHOO!" #
  • Gah, stupid doorway brainzappers. What was I going to do? #
  • Another reason to love @Nordstrom – meeting with a free personal stylist tomorrow for my very own "What Not to Wear" session. #
  • No way am I knitting a complicated cabled sweater from the same designer whose mitten pattern made me want to scream. #
  • Try getting a reservation at Dorsia NOW… #
  • Argle bargle glop glyf. #
  • The most soothing Count Dracula ever: http://t.co/sISCqX9S #
  • When I prove somebody wrong… http://t.co/Ylf2Z6vU #
  • What is up with all the cannibalism? Copycat crimes? Zombie apocalypse? Baltimore, Kansas, New Jersey, and Miami in the last week. #
  • Some subReddits are so, so weird: http://t.co/651t2L0a #
  • Today I learned that barium suspension is calorie free. Who needs smoothies? #
  • Woman in the waiting room gnawing on an apple and blabbing on her cell phone. So we can all hear her talk with her mouth full. #
  • Protip: The mixed berry barium tastes much better than the citrus. I am not brave enough to try banana or mocha. #
  • Has anyone seen this Google a Day thing? Is it hot or not? http://t.co/FqxpxTk4 #
  • DAMN YOU Adam Richman for putting this song in my head. http://t.co/M7QsXHWE #
  • The evil spelling test: http://t.co/kUxp9fuX #

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