Weekly Tweets

September 9, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • There's a pack of 6 Labradors here. Woof. #
  • Coming close to retiring from social media until 3 days after the election when nobody cares who's president again. #
  • Um, hey guys? I hear frogs. #
  • Going to bed all muddy, but at least I'm in a bed and not a mud puddle anymore. #
  • 650 people are hospitalized every year after slipping on dog crap in Paris's streets. #
  • Sudden Crepes Suzette craving! Aaaaahhh! #
  • Michael Clarke Duncan noooooo! #
  • Skynet takes another step towards becoming self-aware, kills awards program mid-broadcast: http://t.co/Lf7I74Fl #
  • Artistic nephew has gone and remixed Adventure Time. (He's still for hire!) http://t.co/ygkA0boB #
  • I took your little plan and I turned it on itself. #
  • I can see you shiver with antici… #
  • …pation! #
  • I didn't die once in Mass Effect 1. Just started ME2 and have died 5 times. Checked and there is no "Weenie" game difficulty setting. #
  • I love that moment when it all clicks into place. #
  • OH from a child on the floor: "So much toenails." #
  • Afraid of spiders? Just TELL them so. http://t.co/Ko3X2t3B #
  • Something I could have done without: A spider scuttling underneath my face washing cloth in the shower. #
  • Cold front coming! Woo! High of 90 tomorrow. Get out the sweaters. #
  • If I go to an X-Files synopsis page and I read the words "Doggett" or "Reyes," I then close that synopsis page immediately. #
  • My daughters like to play "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Ruby Nose." It involves each pinching the other's nose until it turns red. #

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