Austinbloggers Web Ring

April 21, 2004 - 11:59 am Comments Off on Austinbloggers Web Ring

I just did major maintenance on the Austinbloggers webring. 21 current members did not have the web code on their pages, so I moved them to the queue and emailed them the ring HTML. I also added in members from the queue who had the proper code, but there are 6 sites left who did not have the code. There were a few I ended up zapping completely because the domain names were invalid. That makes 27 people in the queue who don’t have the right code (most have none, some just have the wrong site ID) and 50 people who do. I think that some people might be confused because the meta-site is the same name as the webring, but they are not the same. A link to the meta-site does not send traffic through to the other members of the ring.

Webrings are normally used to draw traffic to your site. People see the ring links on your page, think, “Oh, a link to more bloggers who are in Austin… let’s see what the next guy has to say” and click through to the next site. If the next site doesn’t have the ring code, the guy who’s down the line doesn’t get the visitors, and so it’s generally unfair. Think of it like you live on a nice happy river and get lots of company from the people paddling by on their canoes, until suddenly someone upstream decides to build a dam and you’re left sitting next to a mudflat and nobody wants to come see you anymore and your children are crying and lonely and all you can do is sit there and wish your neighbor would take the dam out and why why why, oh the hell with it, might as well just indoctrinate the kids with Disney and Barney and never socialize again because people are inherently bad anyway, what’s the use?

So put your ring code in. Do it for the children.

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