Not just a job

July 13, 2004 - 2:35 am 1 Comment

Caroline keeps peeing so much her pullups leak and make a puddle on the floor. Last night we had to have a showdown with Jo about her sleeping habits; she wants someone to sit in the room with her until she goes to sleep. Hub was in there for an hour and a half the other night and she never went to sleep, so we now have a timer for 30 minutes. Caroline took crayons and Tinkertoys and ran up and down the halls with her arms outstretched and redecorated our cabinets. Someone flushed something down the toilet tonight and it overflowed at bedtime. Hub keeps using bad language in front of the kids and making me mad. Today I got so upset that I took the little armrest cover thingie off my chair and threw it across the room. The girls looked at me in stunned silence for about 60 full seconds, then Caroline quietly spoke: “I’ll get that for you, Mommy.”

I even got out a jigsaw puzzle to work on for occupational therapy. Guess what? “What can I do, Mommy? She’s taking my pieces. I want those pieces back! Give ’em back! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

On the plus side, Jo’s started calling me “Mama” out of the blue and I think it sounds really old-fashioned and sweet.

One Response to “Not just a job”

  1. Kenneth G. Cavness Says:

    I’ll never understand the appeal of children, for the reasons you mention above. The fact that you still adore them is amazing to me, and kind of wonderful. Your anecdote reminds me of those old “Calgon, take me away!” commercials.

    Anyway: were you actually able to get all the scratch marks from the Tinkertoys off the cabinets?