More creatures

September 3, 2004 - 4:46 am 1 Comment

We had to put Maddie to sleep on Monday. Her kidney failure had made her really sick. Max was quite depressed and so we got him a kitten who is not yet named. Today I heard them both upstairs doing that feline victory cry thing and I thought it was because they were playing. Turns out they weren’t – they killed a scorpion in the bathroom.

The new kitten is a little girl, an ebony ticked tabby Oriental Shorthair. She’s got stunning green eyes and is absolutely lovealicious. She and Max are getting along smashingly.

BTW if you’re interested in kid pics, I’ve got some here.

One Response to “More creatures”

  1. Badger Hemulen Says:

    Hey! My ex-g’s mom invented that breed of cats! And she used to live in your area. I wonder if your cats are cousins of my cats? Does “Petm@rk” sound familiar?