Random babblings

March 6, 2005 - 10:07 pm Comments Off on Random babblings

Addicting flash game like Pingu.

My friend Dave Szulborski‘s book was released today – check it out: This is Not a Game – A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming. He honored me by asking if I would contribute a piece to it, which I happily did. Being a puppetmaster for Dread House was insanely fun. I only wish I could figure out a way to do that full-time and get paid for it. If I could choose any career, I think that would be it. It’s what I want to do when I grow up.

I got my garnet set into a ring. The stone changes from red to purple to blue to teal to green depending on the light source. Jewelry is so much fun. I think I’m going to set up a piggybank and put my extra change into it for future purchases.

Tomorrow my earrings should be ready. A couple of years ago Hub took a tennis bracelet that was left to me by my grandmother in to be lengthened, but it ended up being too big, so I took it in and asked my jeweler to shorten it. He’s going to set the little diamonds that are taken out into stud earrings. The nice part is that there are 6 extra diamonds, so there will be three pairs. One for me, one for each daughter. If we have any more daughters, I guess I’ll have to give my pair up. Since my health insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy and I am (even three years later) still traumatized from my second daughter’s delivery, there’s nothing on the baby radar at the moment.

After months of a dry spell in regards to beta testing, suddenly I have three games I’m working on! I’ve been beta testing computer games since 2000. Usually they are games being ported over from PC versions to the Macintosh. It’s not for pay, but most of the time I receive a boxed copy of the final product once it’s out in stores. A hobby where my nitpicking comes in handy. Although it seems like being able to play games before they’re released sounds like everyone’s dream, it’s not always idyllic. Most of the time something’s broken. Lots of the time I’ll spend a few hours testing a game, and it will crash and lose my saved game, so I have to start over from scratch. I’m also constantly pausing to write down notes, or trying to do things that will “break” it. Not as glamorous as it sounds, but I enjoy it!

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