Good and bad

April 24, 2005 - 2:35 am Comments Off on Good and bad

Good: Went to Scarborough Faire today, and the kids had a ball.
Bad: It’s smaller and not nearly as fun as Texas Renaissance Festival.
Good: The Prius averaged 45.5 MPG for this tank of gas.
Bad: I had a stomach bug at the festival today and spent more time in the privy than anywhere else.
Good: The kind medic at the gate gave me 4 Pepto Bismol tablets.
Bad: One of the workers at the festival started telling a kid in line in front of us how we could all learn a lesson from Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor (what lesson? didn’t they try that in the USSR? and it failed miserably?)
Good: I think I startled said worker with my “From my cold, dead, manicured hands” shirt… he was so flustered he gave me back too much change, which I promptly told him and gave him three more dollars.
Bad: My firewire charger for my iPod is broken, and radio between here and Dallas sucks.
Good: We stopped at the Czech Stop on the way home and picked up a ton of kolaches.
Bad: I am going to gain 20 pounds from the ton of kolaches.

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