May 28, 2005 - 11:09 pm Comments Off on Ew.

Last night for my birthday, my husband got us tickets to see The Producers, which was most excellent. Before the show, we went to Eastside Cafe to eat. We were enjoying a happy meal, surrounded by kids having early dinners on their graduation nights. A good time. Until.

A couple is seated at a table near us. The man has his arm wrapped in a dishtowel, ice pack, and something else. He keeps fiddling with the towel to scratch underneath. A little weird, but hey – everyone gets poison ivy once in a while, right?

Then a little while later, the woman goes to use the facilities. While she is gone, the man digs some Caladryl out of her purse. He then proceeds to lift up his shirt at the dinner table and applies Caladryl to his stomach.

That’s disgusting. What kind of person would think that is appropriate behavior for the dinner table, much less one in public at a nice restaurant? I’m dumbstruck by people sometimes.

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