Growing too fast

June 5, 2005 - 11:28 pm Comments Off on Growing too fast

When Caroline was a baby she would not go to sleep unless I was holding her. I spent countless hours rocking her to sleep. At first she curled up with her head on my shoulder, and later she would sleep facing outwards. It drove me nuts to be so tied up for so long.

I finally got her trained to fall asleep in her bed. She would make me sing to her every night though. Usually “Sing a Song” (where she would accompany me on the “Good things, not bad” and “Happy, not sad” by singing “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad” and “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaad” while frowning and shaking her head “No”). Sometimes “Over the Rainbow” where she would sing as much as she remembered, ending with “Why oh why can’t I?”.

She’s a big kid now though. Wearing big girl panties. Tonight she was up far too late and went nuclear at bedtime. I picked her up and held her in the rocking chair, singing her some songs. She politely listened, then said, “I wanna get OFF!”


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