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No! No! No! No!

March 19, 2003 - 12:43 am 1 Comment

No! No! No! No! 16 Candles sequel in the works. No! No! No!

My eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyees!

Six Feet Under

March 19, 2003 - 12:26 am Comments Off on Six Feet Under

In watching the first season’s episodes on DVD, I’m recalling why I really love Six Feet Under. And I’m realizing why this season really doesn’t interest me. I think the series has jumped the shark.

There’s been nothing so far that’s topped the poignance of the first season. The end of the pilot, where Nate’s standing on the sidewalk watching all the people pass him by. The prayer circle in Familia. I just watched that one again and cried and cried.

Alan Ball, where’s the magic? Get it back!

I’m trying…

March 18, 2003 - 1:12 pm 1 Comment

I’m trying very hard not to blog about the war, but defacing one of your country’s most famous landmarks to protest – isn’t that cutting off your nose to spite your face?

Damn cute thing

March 18, 2003 - 3:59 am 2 Comments

“Honey, could you come here please? I think I need help. I went to the porch to take out the trash and one of the bags was chewed on – when I poked at it, something rustled in there. Whatever it is, it’s still in the bag!” … said in best “Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed… she she’s still there!” voice.

Hub called me out to the porch to help him catch the critter, pointing at the offending garbage bag. Meanwhile I was hearing a little thumpa thumpa thumpa noise going back and forth behind the table. I saw a brown blur climbing the screen and hopped back in the house to put on some shoes, get a flashlight, and snag a camera. I also got out a saucepan to bludgeon to death what I thought was a mouse or rat.

With the flashlight trained on it we discovered something horribly distressing. It wasn’t a common rat or mouse. It was… a little brown cute thing. I mean really cute, with big funny ears and liquid large brown eyes that just screamed “I’m a tiny furry woodland creature, please don’t kill me”.


Hub and I watched it scurry back and forth around the deck for a while, I snagged a few pictures, then hub shooed it out the door.

No wonder the mouse traps didn’t do anything. The damn critter was about 5-6 inches long. It probably picked up the traps and hucked them across the room.

WTF is a gerbil doing on the loose? What is it with this town? There’s a colony of wild parakeets that live near a theater down the road.

Alert the media!

March 18, 2003 - 3:38 am 1 Comment

Someone call Richard Gere! We do not have a mouse. We have a… giant gerbil.

More later.

What’s the world coming to?

March 15, 2003 - 7:30 pm 2 Comments

I don’t know what’s going on. I just watched a Cops where a guy got caught with a big old roach in his ashtray, plus a little scale, and the officer just wrote him a ticket. Didn’t humiliate him or anything. WTF?

I got something you can bite, PETA

March 15, 2003 - 3:34 pm 1 Comment

Ahoy, fellow bloggers! has designated today International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. PETA’s new ad campaign makes a direct correlation between the Jewish holocaust and eating meat, featuring side by side pictures of inmates at Buchenwald and chickens in cages. Stunning. Just as Elie Wiesel was stunned and unhappy to find that he was in the picture of the inmates.

“They even have my picture here,” Wiesel said and expressed his surprise as he looked at the ad. “They shouldn’t do that.”

So to arms (and drumsticks, and steaks, and lobster tails), fellow bloggers! Send PETA a letter. You can use this text that I shamelessly lifted from Yourish –

Dear PETA,

I found your new ad campaign, “The Holocaust on your plate,” offensive and outrageous. But I don’t expect your organization to suddenly develop any sense of tact or human decency, so I thought I’d tell you what your campaign has wrought:

March 15th has been designated “International Eat An Animal For PETA” day. On that day, I’ll be chowing down on a juicy steak, or chicken, or perhaps I’ll have lobster—fresh, of course, chosen from the tank specifically for me. Maybe I’ll have a plate of ribs at my local barbecue restaurant. Then there’s that great seafood restaurant with the poached salmon and the delicious crabcakes. I could take my family there.

America’s a free country, and you have the right to say what you want, no matter how offensive I think it is. But as a result of your insensitivity to those millions of people who died in the real Holocaust, and to the survivors and their descendants, I and my family will show PETA the same kind of insensitivity.

And have a great, meat-filled dinner, while we’re at it.

Chew on that.

Mail it to one of the following:

501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Tel.: 757-622-PETA (7382)
Fax: 757-622-0457

United Kingdom:
PETA Europe Ltd.
PO Box 36668
Tel: 020 7357 9229
Fax: 020 7357 0901

Thanks to Hestia for the heads-up.


March 15, 2003 - 3:17 pm 2 Comments

Yesterday I decided that in order to keep peace in the house, we shouldn’t talk about politics anymore.